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King Charles III Coronation Souvenir Cover
1983 Army. Sign four VC holders SIGM0348
1976 Caxton British Library Official plus Cachet
1974 Medieval Warriors - Royal Tournament Official
1994 ABF 50th Ann-D-Day BFPS 2417 H/S
1982 Maritime. G.P.O. FDC. Bristol CDS and slogan
1974 Fire Services - Tyne & Wear Met. Fire Brigade
1982 Cars. Cotswold 'Ford Sierra' Official.
1999 Workers Tale Stanley Katcher official, Op. Kindertransp TX9905B
1997 Christmas N.Yorks Railway. York FDI TX9712A
1993 Swans. Swanland Priory Official. Swanland H/S. TX9301
1991 Maps, Ordnance Survey Bicent h/s TX9109C
1987 Heraldry - Queen's School Official TX8707B
1984 Urban Renewal, Wigan Council official, TX8404C
1986 Queen's Birthday Royal of Academy of Dancing official TX8604J
1986 Queen's birthday Arlington official TX8604
1983 River Fish, Pike Anglers Official TX8301F
1983 Fishes Brad Official-Douglas Bader Angling Club H/S TX8301A
1984 Greenwich Meridian, Meridian County Primary School TX8406E
1982 I.T Norwich IT82 Exhibition-,  Norwich HS TX8209H
1983 Engineering, Chester le Street 1100 Years TX8305B

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